My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has uploaded a song online that was intended for a new band after MCR's split.

"Success!" was meant to be released by Baby Animal Hospital, a band Gerard had dreamt up in the aftermath of My Chemical Romance's demise. His record label, however, disliked the name, so the project was abandoned and Way went on to release a solo album, Hesitant Alien, in 2014.

Speaking about "Success!" and the origins of Baby Animal Hospital, Way said “Back before Hesitant Alien was a thing, and before I wanted to pursue a solo career, I wanted to start a band and just sing and play guitar, after my chem broke up. The name of the band was going to be Baby Animal Hospital (the record label hated the name, especially since it included both the words ‘baby’ and ���hospital’ in the same phrase), and I did a bunch of rough graphic design for it, but in the end, it really felt like a solo thing, so that’s what it became. But when it was Baby Animal Hospital (I wanted something that sounded warm and fuzzy and loud, like the tones)"

"I recorded this track with Doug for the opening of the record," he added. "The lyrics/sounds are just the word BAH over and over again, which where the first letters of each word of the band name, but that wasn’t intentional, I just liked the sound. And this was us really messing with auto-tune to try and make it sound like an instrument. It was supposed to be this track as track one and go right into "Action Cat." Later on, I figured I would just make a zine with the name Baby Animal Hospital, but I didn’t get very far with it. Still like the name, and may do something with it in the future. Maybe one day I’ll share all the graphic design I did for it when it was a band, a lot of which was cut and paste by hand.”

In addition to "Success!", Way recently uploaded a number of solo demos to Soundcloud. Check them out below:

"Welcome to the Hotel"

"Crate Amp"

"Phoning It In"

In a recent Instagram post, Way has also revealed that My Chemical Romance won't be conducting interviews about the band's reunion.

Given that their upcoming world tour sold-out instantly, you can't really blame them—it's not like they need the publicity. Check out the post below:

My Chemical Romance will tour Europe and the States throughout 2020. Currently, these shows haven't been postponed because of the coronavirus, but Gerard Way did recently hint that the rescheduling of some of the shows is inevitable.

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