My Chemical Romance rocked their circa 2004 Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge-era outfits when they performed at When We Were Young Festival on Sunday (Oct. 23).

However, the costumes were updated with a twist, according to Louder — the prominent emo-rock band wore facial prosthetics to make them appear as older people.

From the subsequent reactions online, many My Chemical Romance fans are taking the updated costumes as a tongue-in-cheek jab at the nostalgia of the Las Vegas emo and pop-punk fest that missed its inaugural day (Oct. 22) due to high winds in the area.

See the setlist, watch the video and read reactions below.

For Sunday's performance, My Chem singer Gerard Way sported the red tie and black suit combo indebted to the band's early era, although his face looked much older than his actual age due to the prosthetics. He also wore a long black wig. At the merch table, an MCR shirt that just says "MERCH" on the front also seemed to make light of the fest.

"Dressing up as old people, doing a setlist of only hits, merch that just says merch, and acting senile addressing the crowd as though they are performing in Utah," one fan said on Twitter. "Very committed to the bit of making fun of this nostalgia festival and selling out."

Another echoed, "My Chemical Romance wore prosthetics to look like dead images of their Revenge era at an emo revival festival, only playing their hits, misaddressing the crowd as Utah, not talking between sets, and more to poke fun at this nostalgia wave."

In May, My Chemical Romance released the single "The Foundations of Decay," their first new music in eight years. They reunited three years ago and played their first comeback show in December 2019. Get My Chemical Romance concert tickets here.

My Chemical Romance Setlist - When We Were Young (Oct. 23, 2022)

"I'm Not Okay (I Promise)"
"Boy Division"
"Give 'Em Hell, Kid"
"Planetary (GO!)"
"The Ghost of You"
"Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)"
"It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Fucking Deathwish"
"Welcome to the Black Parade"
"Famous Last Words"
"Vampires Will Never Hurt You" (Encore)
"Vampire Money" (Encore)

My Chemical Romance, "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" (Live - Oct. 23, 2022)

My Chemical Romance at When We Were Young Fan Reactions

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