if you've been part of the scene over the last decade-and-a-half, you've most likely heard of Emmure. The deathcore-leaning metalcore group have made numerous headlines over the years for offensive lyrics and merchandise, with frontman Frankie Palmeri using shock value to leverage attention toward his music.

This is nothing new. Eminem built his entire career of this marketing tactic.You're supposed to be offended. That's the point. But where does something like that stand in 2020?  Unfortunately we've had to address numerous cases of sexual misconduct from artists in the scene over the years, which has consisted of a lot of information that was kept behind closed doors. All of the backlash Frankie Palmeri has faced has been from things he did on a public platform, and earlier this year he even rejected his past lyrics.

But with the way society is evolving today, where does that put Palmeri and Emmure? Listen as Tyler and guest-host Brandy Hadden unpack it all.

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