Former My Chemical Romance drummer Bob Bryar is currently auctioning off his The Black Parade-era uniform he wore with the band for over $10,000 on eBay.

The black, ornamental coat has the distinctive military-style frogging emblematic of the band's costumes in their iconic 2006 "Welcome to the Black Parade" music video. The matching pants come with it. However, the outfit may include "surprise dog hairs" because Bryar let his pet dog, Fred, briefly wear the jacket, as he explains in the item's listing.

See photos of the outfit toward the bottom of this post.

Bryar plans to donate proceeds of the uniform's sale to animal shelters in areas of the southeast U.S. that were affected by Hurricane Ian at the end of September. A pet lover, Bryar also donated to animal welfare when he auctioned one of his My Chemical Romance drum kits last year.

Sans Bryar, My Chemical Romance recently returned to another of their early looks at Las Vegas' When We Were Young Festival. Get My Chemical Romance concert tickets here.

In May, My Chemical Romance released "The Foundations of Decay," their first new music in eight years. The influential emo-rock band reunited three years ago and played their first comeback show in 2019. Before their hiatus, Bryar left the band in 2010.

Bid on Bryar's Black Parade uniform at this link.



does anyone want this? i have no clue how much it’s worth. it’s my OG black parade costume. it was used in the photos, videos, DVD’s, and handmade by colleen atwood (look her up).

it’s just sitting in a box doing nothing and people need help with money right now.

there might be a few surprise dog hairs on it because i let my dog fred wear it for a minute as you can see in the picture. the fred hairs are free.

if it sells, in addition to what we’ve already sent, the money will be going to abandoned and sheltered animals in areas of florida and south carolina that are affected by hurricane ian.

also… side note because me. frigidaire/electrolux is motherfucking garbage. sorry about the rant. i’m in a bad mood and this balls fridge won’t stop beeping. buy LG.

love you!


Bob Bryar's My Chemical Romance The Black Parade-Era Uniform

Bob Bryar's My Chemical Romance 'Black Parade' uniform
Bob Bryar's My Chemical Romance 'Black Parade' uniform
Bob Bryar's My Chemical Romance 'Black Parade' uniform

My Chemical Romance, "Welcome to the Black Parade" (Music Video)

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