With tours and festival appearances being canceled left and right due to COVID-19 outbreaks all over the world, it appears as though the fate of the much-awaited My Chemical Romance reunion tour may yield a similar result.

In an Instagram post, frontman Gerard Way addresses fans' current concerns regarding the tour and the state of the world. With a screenshot of him playing "The Show Must Go On" by Queen, Way shares a recent dream of him watching a Padres vs. Yankees game with his family. Among many other strange occurrences in the dream, Way had to leave the game to give a performance of "Cancer" in Philadelphia. However, while stuck in traffic, he ended up missing his scheduled performance.

The long post seems to serve as a metaphor for the potential rescheduling of the My Chemical Romance tour. That said, Way concludes the post by assuring fans that he and the rest of the band are taking the current health situation seriously and that they will perform again once things are safe for everyone.

"I don’t take the song to mean that the guys and I would just get back on stage despite world events and recommendations," Way says. "Everyone’s health and safety is most important to us. And we know when the time is right, whenever that day comes, we will get on stage again. I think the Queen song has multiple meanings—if you haven’t heard it in a while you should check it out."

You can read the post below.

Last month, My Chemical Romance canceled their appearances in Australia, New Zealand and Japan due to the respiratory virus. The cancelations included Australia's Download Festival.

While the news comes as disappointing to many, it looks as though Gerard Way and co. have been busy registering a few unreleased tracks on BMI Repertoire.

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