Tom DeLonge's Box Car Racer have an unheard song that didn't see release during the Blink-182 offshoot act's short tenure in the early 2000s, and Travis Barker has claimed the tune is none other than "incredible."

That's what Barker — the drummer who's backed DeLonge in both Blink-182 and Box Car Racer — revealed in an interview with MTV's "Friday Livestream" on July 17 alongside his musical protege, Jxdn, the young rap and rock-influenced artist that Barker has taken under his wing this year. Watch it below.

It's just the latest invocation of Box Car Racer that's emerged in recent times. In March, DeLonge himself teased a possible return of the fleeting hardcore and emo-indebted outfit when he posted a picture of the group's debut (and only) album on social media. It's a taunt to which DeLonge frequently returns.

But, somewhat deserving of the tease, there is indeed an unreleased Box Car Racer song that didn't end up on the group's self-titled effort. Barker mentioned it before shooting down the possibility of releasing it.

"I talk to Tom all the time," Barker says near the end of last week's interview. "There's actually an unreleased Box Car song that we were almost going to release, but it would just be wrong to troll people and put that out in the world. But it's incredible, and probably no one will ever hear it."

Still, Blink-182 fans are in luck. Box Car Racer's parent band has some fresh material that's taking cues from the downtime related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. To wit, a new EP-length release from Blink should arrive by the end of the summer, as Barker explained to host Kevan Kenney.

"There's a [new Blink-182] song called 'Quarantine' that's going to come out really, really soon that's awesome," the drummer adds. "It'll be a Blink favorite — it'll be like all our fan favorites."

Travis Barker and Jxdn Talk to MTV's "Friday Livestream" - July 17, 2020

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