Who are the 10 biggest scene bands? In this week's episode of the Note To Scene podcast we answer that burning question.

What does it take to make the list? Based on album sales, streaming numbers, ticket sales, online discussion and the general momentum behind these bands, Tyler Sharp and Rock Feed's Brian Storm rank the biggest acts of the scene right now.

To keep things fair, we left out breakout bands — don't expect to see My Chemical Romance, Twenty One Pilots or Paramore among the artists discussed, and don't @ us.

From longtime heavyweights  Bring Me the Horizon to the scene's most unlikely survivors Dance Gavin Dance, these artist are pulling the numbers and the hype to land them at the top. You'll have to tune in to find out where they land and see who joins them in the 10 biggest bands of our world.

In addition, right before we went on hiatus we began talking about Issues' then-upcoming album Beautiful Oblivion. We had a listener write into the show and ask about our thoughts on the album, which we address along with the album's commercial performance.

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25 Scene Albums Turning 10 in 2020

25 Scene Albums Turning 10 in 2020

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