Ex members of Issues, Woe, Is Me, Nightmares and Secrets have formed a new metalcore band called the Villa.

Comprising Michael Bohn (Issues), Kevin Hanson (Woe, Is Me), Turner Wood (Nightmares) and Michael Owens (Secrets), the group have released their debut song "Turning Point."

Check it out below:

Formed from the ashes of country project WildHeart (which featured Bohn, Hanson and Wood), frontman Bohn explained in an interview with AltPress how he and his bandmates decided to return to metalcore because it's "what we're best at."

"Obviously, the whole WildHeart thing didn’t pan out the way we wanted it to," Bohn said. "It was fairly short-lived. Turner and Kevin were also in WildHeart, and basically afterward, Turner and Kevin were like, 'Why don’t you just go back to vocals?' and sat me down to say they think I should just be a frontman."

"We’ve done it [metalcore] for 10 years, which is part of the reason I wanted to step away from it after Issues because I had been doing it for so long," he continued. "I wanted to do something different and at least try something different. Now, we’ve come to the realization that it’s what we’re best at. Maybe there’s a reason why we were successful in writing heavy music for 10-plus years. It’s what we know and what we’re best at. I didn’t listen to a lot of heavy stuff, and I still feel out of the loop sometimes. When I was in WildHeart, I wasn’t listening to a lot of metal. Now coming back into it, [I’m] discovering newer artists and bands that are in the heavy scene, so it’s cool."

Bohn left Issues in 2018, prior to which he'd shared vocal duties with Tyler Carter in both that band and their previous outfit, Woe, Is Me.

Following his split from Issues, Bohn formed the country band WildHeart with Woe, Is Me's Kevin Hanson, releasing three tracks throughout 2019 before recently rebranding as the Villa.

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