Some rock fans have shared their biggest music hot takes on Reddit.

A hot take is defined by Merriam-Webster as "a quickly produced, strongly worded, and often deliberately provocative or sensational opinion or reaction (as in response to current news)."

Surely, rock 'n' roll has plenty of thought-provoking situations that occur on a regular basis, so we were intrigued to read what some of these music fans had to say. And, we wanted to share them.

Please bear in mind that none of these comments are our own thoughts or opinions.

The individual who posed the question on the Rock Reddit page shared that they believe "Chevelle has the same formula as Deftones but they're more tolerable."

We broke down some of the responses below. The hot takes are in bold, and the replies to each of them are bulleted and italicized underneath. You'll see statements about ToolBlack Sabbath, Nirvana and more.

"Glam Rock Had Some of the Best Guitarists Ever"

The person who wrote this comment actually had two hot takes, with the second being, "Calling a band overrated is just tedious. Form better arguments." Most of the responses addressed the glam rock part of the comment, though, not the latter part.

  • Glam metal? Glam rock to me is '70s stuff like NY Dolls, David Bowie and Sweet. But Glam Metal has some great bands. Cinderella comes to mind.
  • [Tom] Kiefer is excellent, makes you wonder what would have happened if Cinderella had hit it big a few years later.
  • Agree completely, Andy Scott from Sweet is a gem

Tom Kiefer Plays His Favorite Riffs

"The Wall Wasn't Worth Breaking Up Pink Floyd"

The first response to this hot take was an argument, stating that it was The Final Cut that drove a wedge between Roger Waters and David Gilmour once and for all. The two Redditers went back and forth a bit, writing, ahem, "walls" of text... so you can read it for yourself if you're interested.

But, the other responses are listed below.

  • It wasn't an album, it was Waters' massive ego.
  • Yep 'The Wall' is easily the worst of their 'Big Four' albums. Obviously there are iconic moments, but it has always felt bloated to me. Lots of filler.

Pink Floyd, 'Another Brick in the Wall, Part Two' Video

"Tool Are Amazing Musicians But Their Songs Are Boring and Maynard’s Lyrics Sound Like They Were Written by an Edgy High Schooler Who Just Discovered Philosophy"

There weren't many responses to this one, but the comment received 15 upvotes.

  • AMEN
  • So Roger Waters, then

Tool were mentioned again a bit further down the discussion, with the person writing, "Tool [are] a singles band."

  • Maynard [James Keenan] is also highly unlikeable 

Tool, 'Schism' Video

"Imagine Dragons [Are] Not Rock, So All You Modern Pop Lover, Rock-Wannabes Can Piss Off"

We plead the fifth.

  • This take gave me frostbite.
  • Not so hot take, I believe all can agree with this.
  • I don't think anyone believes they're a rock band. They do have some rock songs, like 'I'm So Sorry' and 'Dull Knives,' but they don't even label themselves as a rock band lol.

“'Live' Acts That Use Backing Tracks / Clicks Etc. Are Doing a Disservice to Their Fans."

This is a topic that's been debated heavily over the last few years, so it's not necessarily a hot take. Eddie Trunk's spidey senses may be tingling, though.

  • Robbing their fans
  • Huge difference in using backing tracks and simply playing to a click.
  • The prompt was for HOT takes... not the iciest, coldest, most stale take of them all that literally everyone in this sub will agree with

"Pearl Jam > Nirvana"

We're not about pinning bands against each other, but there's no doubt that people disagree over who the greatest grunge band was.

  • Green Day >>> Pearl Jam >>> Nirvana
  • Eddie Vedder has a terrible voice.

"Black Sabbath's Best Singer Was Ronnie James Dio"

Ronnie James Dio joined Black Sabbath in 1979, following the firing of Ozzy Osbourne, and recorded two albums with them. He reunited with them in the early '90s, and then they reformed again in the 2000s as Heaven & Hell and put out one record in '09.

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There's only one response to this hot take.

  • Every Dio Sabbath (and Dio Rainbow) album is a masterpiece but Ozzy is the heart and soul of heavy metal.

Ronnie James Dio Live With Black Sabbath, 1992

"AC/DC [Are] the Nickleback of Their Era. And Nickleback [Aren't] Nearly as Bad as People Say. Creed’s Instrumentals Are Great."

A trio of hot takes in one!

  • I agree with Creed.
  • Bon Scott’s sleazy appeal is authentic and Nickelback is corporate. This is a shit take.
  • Mark Tremonti is a great guitarist.
  • AC/DC was literally identifiable dad rock before anybody knew what that meant. Nickelback walked so Creed could run.
  • Nailed all three.

We hope your blood isn't boiling. Check out the Reddit thread to read the rest.

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