In Santa Ana, California, last week (Dec. 14), local hardcore outfit Wacko played a blistering show at their local Denny's, which left the restaurant with some damages and a 17-year-old promoter on the hook for covering the cost of the repairs.

Alas, it seems that history has repeated itself. The immortal words, "What the fuck's up, Denny's?" still resonate from the last time a punk band made national music news by performing inside one of the chain restaurant's locations.

This time, the audience's enthusiastic presence reportedly left around $1,000 in damages to the joint. Reportedly, that's the amount now levied against the 17-year-old promoter who booked the rowdy show and, subsequently, a GoFundMe fundraiser was launched to cover the costs.

Watch a fan-captured video of the full Denny's set from Wacko down toward the bottom of this post.

As reported by ThePRP, the fundraiser was initiated by the group after "the restaurant pinned [the promoter] on the heavy damages done to the place." It was the "first show he ever booked."

The band added, "Not only does he have to pay for damages but the kid dropped over [$400] on renting the Denny's and then also threw down cash to rent a generator to host an after-party/show under a bridge by a Costco for all the kids who couldn't get inside the Denny's show."

Houston punkers Live Without lit up a Denny's in their city back in 2013. Still, that particular location has since closed, as MetalSucks recounted last year. (The performance birthed the "What The Fuck Is Up Denny's" meme.) Maybe Denny's is becoming the home of the mosh pit, as Time noted.

Interested parties can visit the "Denny's Show Damages Fund" GoFundMe page here. As of this posting, the fundraiser appears to have been deactivated after the goal of around $1,000 was reached.

Wacko - Live at Denny's in Santa Ana, Calif. (Dec. 14, 2019)

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