Dance Gavin Dance have announced the incoming of their ninth studio album with a new song, "Prisoner." Titled Afterburner, the band's next installment will come April 24 via Rise Records.

The new track features Sergio Medina (Royal Coda, Stolas, Sianvar).

You can check out the announcement and album art for Afterburner below.

According to frontman Tilian Pearson, the album will have a number of features including Marc Okubo (Veil of Maya), Zachary Green (Strawberry Girls, formerly in DGD) and Martin Bianchini (Secret Band). He also says there will be vocal features from Eidola's Andrew Michael Wells and Bilmuri's Johnny Franck.

Afterburner will follow DGD's eighth studio record, Artificial Selection, which was released back in June 2018.

Dance Gavin Dance will embark on a 2020 tour with Issues, Animals as Leaders, Veil of Maya and Royal Coda this spring. You can secure tickets here.

Dance Gavin Dance, "Prisoner" Music Video

Dance Gavin Dance, "Prisoner" Lyrics, via Genius

Do you crave a greater reason to exist?
Have you always known that symmetry is bliss?
We know you see the pattern

Lay in your lap
Think of your path
Philosophy don't bother me
Come back when you're trash

You are welcome here but you must come alone
You know everything is everywhere is home
Do you see it?

Prisoner, prisoner
We found you
We feel you breathing
Are you there?
Can you hear us calling you?
We’ll never judge you

Run out of battery
Learn how to patronize
You gotta obtain, sustain, that guy
No time to make a deal today
We just push that other guy outta the way

Nothing’s in a vacuum
Space-time has no value
We’re all connected on this wave

They spoke with potent pain
To all that’s broken
To tears in rain
But every side was the same
No coin to flip

Give yourself a medal
You just met the devil
You’re the last in the world to find another false god
Give yourself a medal
For dancing with the devil
You’re the last in the world
Come back down to crippling doubt

Well Billy backs abortion and eye cream
Smokes a pack of Christian Bale
And fucks on an island
Well smooth as oscillation of sine waves
Get off the high horse and fly the spy plane

Classic acid
Put me back in the casket
Weave me into the fabric
The filter is freaking out


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