While we are all (hopefully) practicing social distancing, Animal Crossing has given a chunk of the gaming population something new and exciting to pass the time. However, players have started going beyond they game's typical quest structure to make their simulated environments look a bit more like home. That said, emos are no exception.

Since Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch dropped on Friday, March 20, pop-punk players from all over the globe have been wilding out on the gaming platform, creating QR codes for band tees, wall decor and even album art.

Creations include entire walls of albums featuring artists such as My Chemical Romance, Dance Gavin Dance, Fall Out Boy and Paramore, among many others. You can check out a few of our favorites below.


Additionally, players are personalizing their characters' clothing to represent their favorite bands.

Bands and labels have even called upon fans to share their creations.

If you want some of these works of art for your own Animal Crossing world, some players have kindly shared the QR codes to some of our favorite albums. You can check them out and snag them for yourselves below.

My Chemical Romance: I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, The Black Parade, Danger Days

Paramore: All We Know Is Falling, Riot!, Brand New Eyes, Paramore, After Laughter

Dance Gavin Dance: Downtown Battle Mountain, Happiness, Artificial Selection, Afterburner

Fall Out Boy: Take This To Your Grave, From Under The Cork Tree, Infinity On High, Folie a Deux

Mayday Parade: A Lesson In Romantics, Sunnyland

Senses Fail: If There Is A Light, It Will Find You, Pull The Thorns From Your Heart, Life Is Not A Waiting Room, Still Searching

A Day To Remember: Homesick

Neck Deep: Life's Not Out To Get You

Miscellaneous from Tigers Jaw, Title Fight, Turnover, Joyce Manor, Citizen, The Hotelier and more:

Emo Albums With No Bad Songs

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