August Burns Red are revisiting a classic, deciding to re-record their fourth studio album Leveler for its 10th anniversary. And one of the songs that is getting a bit of a facelift is "Pangea" that will now feature a guest turn by Periphery's Misha "Bulb" Mansoor.

The Periphery guitar great steps in to lend a solo to the song, a move that definitely thrilled the guys in ABR. "'Pangaea' has always been one of my favorite tracks on Leveler," says guitarist JB Brubaker. "It may be the most progressive song on the album so it felt like a natural fit to have Misha from Periphery perform on the track. He delivered quite possibly the most head-spinning guitar solo that we’ve ever had on an ABR song. We're very excited to share this new version of 'Pangaea' with everyone, and think fans are going to appreciate the song on a whole new level."

The album's official 10th anniversary will come on June 21, but fans will have a chance to hear the updated version a little bit earlier. Complete with special guests (Fit for a King's Ryan Kirby and Trivium's Matt Heafy also turn up), brand new guitar solos, alternate tunings and more, the Leveler: 10th Anniversary Edition will arrive digitally on May 21. A full track listing and artwork for the effort can be viewed below.

The release will be available digitally, on CD and in a variety of colored vinyl with merch options also available. For all of your pre-order needs, head here.

In addition, August Burns Red are set to play Leveler in full, with an encore of songs from the Constellations set when they play their next livestream. That will take place Saturday, May 22 at 8PM ET / 5PM PT and will be streaming on demand for 48 hours post show. Tickets are available here.

"Leveler is a record we've always been proud of, and we wanted to do something special for its ten-year anniversary," says Brubaker. "We've done some cool remix projects for previous albums when they've turned 10, but with Leveler, we decided to kick things up a notch. COVID has kept us off the road for such a long time that we found ourselves with a rare opportunity to take on this unique project."

He continues, "We dove into this record and dissected the songs, rewriting solos, changing the tunings, adding new textures and elements, and got a few of our friends to do some guest spots as well. Our longtime producers Carson Slovak and Grand McFarland handled the recording/mixing and helped us take Leveler to new sonic heights. I think this is the best-sounding ABR record we've ever made, and it's going to allow people to experience the record in a whole new way. I can't wait to share this with everyone."

August Burns Red Featuring Misha "Bulb" Mansoor, "Pangea"

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August Burns Red, Leveler: 10th Anniversary Edition Artwork + Track Listing

ABR Records
ABR Records

"Internal Cannon" (feat.Matthew K. Heafy)
"Cutting the Ties"
"Pangaea" (feat. Misha "Bulb" Mansoor)
"Carpe Diem"
"40 Nights"
"Salt & Light"
"Poor Millionaire" (feat. Ryan Kirby)
"Boys of Fall"

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