August Burns Red have teamed up with Silverstein's Shane Told for a killer cover of NOFX's "Linoleum."

Today (Apr. 20), a video was uploaded featuring the members of August Burns Red and Told jamming the punk classic while in quarantine in their houses, and the whole thing absolutely rips. Check it out below:

And here's NOFX's original:

Speaking about the cover, August Burns Red vocalist JB Brubaker commented: "ABR covered 'Linoleum' by NOFX on a 7" we did in 2009. We busted it out on tour periodically over the years. This past summer, while touring with Silverstein, we played it semi-regularly with Shane Told handling the vocals. While we were all stuck at home in isolation, we thought it would be fun to put together a quarantine version of 'Linoleum' that featured Shane. We each recorded our own parts at home and our sound engineer Chris Pollock mixed the audio together. Then, we had our touring photographer, Ray Duker, edit all the videos together. This was a fun project for us to put together, and we hope you enjoy it."

The release of the "Linoleum" follows Brubaker taking to Twitter last week to declare NOFX his favorite punk band of all time. See his top 10 list below:

August Burns Red's most recent album, Guardians, dropped earlier this month, hitting No. 53 on the Billboard 200 and bringing in first-week sales of 10,250 units.

Silverstein's A Beautiful Place to Drown came out in March, charting at 122 with 6,000 first week sales. The album featured collaborations with members of Beartooth, Underoath and Simple Plan.

Note To Scene recently interviewed Silverstein about the new LP — check that out here.

"Linoleum" lyrics:

Possessions never meant anything to me
I'm not crazy ('cause i've got none)
We'll that's not true, i've got a bed and a guitar
And a dog named dog who pisses on my floor
That's right, i've got a floor
So what, so what, so what?
I've got pockets full of kleenex and lint and holes
Where everything important to me
Just seems to fall right down my leg
And on to the floor
My closest friend, linoleum
Supports my head, gives me something to believe
That's me on the beachside combing the sand
Metal meter in my hand
Sporting a pocket full change
That's me on the street with a violin under my chin
Playing with a grin, singing gibberish
That's me on the back of the bus
That's me in the cell
That's me inside your head
That's me inside your head

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