Attack Attack! haven’t even been back a full week and have already managed to drum up some scene drama. And now the spotlight is back on them with a teaser clip of a new song called “All My Life.” 

The band shook the scene on Monday when they announced, exclusively through Note To Scene, that they had returned to the studio with prominent metalcore producer Joey Sturgis. And we now bring you your first taste of new Attack Attack! music.  

The full track won’t officially drop until Dec. 7, but you can hear the 23 second clip below and pre-save the song here.

The band tells us their stated goal as of right now is to tear a hole in spacetime and start yanking 2010 back through it.

It has yet to be announced who will make up the 2020 lineup, but both Caleb Shomo and Johnny Franck have confirmed via social media that they will not participate. 

Shomo posted a simple message on his Instagram story in response to the news: “To answer your questions, no.”

Franck confirmed he wasn’t involved but wished Attack Attack! the best. 

In speculation on the new lineup, some fans have pointed out that the AA! Instagram account is following seven accounts including original members Andrew Wetzel and Andrew Whiting. 

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“All My Life” is the band’s first new music since 2012, and Attack Attack! 2020’s concerted effort to resurrect the band’s signature style. You can give it a listen below and decide for yourself. 


Attack Attack! “All My Life” Teaser

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