Ex-Of Mice & Men and Attack Attack! vocalist Austin Carlile has today revealed he nearly joined I See Stars.

At the end of a Twitter thread that began with Carlile praising the 2008 Attack Attack! album Someday Came Suddenly, he stated how he "almost joined @iseestarsmusic after leaving AA... But decided to start @OMandM instead."

Check out the post below:

While some (probably including his ex-bandmates) would argue Carlile was kicked out of Attack Attack!, rather than "leaving" of his own accord, his tweet shines a light on what would have undoubtedly been a huge boost for I See Stars' career, especially given Carlile's prominence in the scene at the time.

Instead, Carlile went on to form Of Mice & Men in 2009 before leaving in 2016 to focus on his health, although he later revealed there were also creative differences between himself and the other members of the band.

I See Stars' most recent album, Treehouse, came out in 2016, with the band also releasing an acoustic version of the record in 2018.

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