Attack Attack! are plotting a return. A source inside the band has confirmed to Note To Scene that the band is back in the studio with producer Joey Sturgis to record new music.

Not much information is available on the impending reunion, but we can tell you that a new Attack Attack! Instagram account has surfaced. The new profile contains a single post, which you can see below.

It’s currently unclear who will make up the 2020 lineup, and it’s anyone’s guess considering the band featured a revolving door of members throughout the years.

The band formed under the name Ambiance in the Columbus,Ohio, area in 2006 with Johnny Franck, Andrew Whiting, Nick White, Andrew Wetzel and Austin Carlile. Shortly after, Caleb Shomo joined, and they changed their name to Attack Attack!

In 2008 they famously left Austin Carlile crying in a parking lot in Utah while on tour and never worked with him again.

Attack Attack! were hugely influential to the metalcore scene at the turn of the decade and while many have tried to dismiss their impact, there is no denying the huge legacy they left behind.

They released three full length albums on Rise Records — Someday Came Suddenly (2008), a self-titled album (2010) and This Means War (2012) — before calling it quits in 2013.

The hype Attack Attack! generated from Someday Come Suddenly gave their sophomore album a No. 26 debut on Billboard’s Top 200 chart with 15,000 first-week units. They carried that momentum into This Means War, which moved 17,000 total units and gave them a No. 11 debut.

Attack Attack!’s final lineup consisted of Phil Druyor, Andrew Wetzel, Andrew Whiting, Tyler Sapp, and William Honto, who went on to form Nativ following AA’s final tour in 2012.

To hear more about the band’s history check out our in-depth podcast where Tyler breaks down the timeline of one of the scene’s most infamous acts here.

We will update you with more information about Attack Attack!’s reunion as it becomes available.

UPDATE: The Aftermath

It has yet to be announced who will make up the 2020 lineup, but both Caleb Shomo and Johnny Franck have confirmed via social media that they will not participate.

Shomo posted a simple message on his Instagram story in response to the news: “To answer your questions, no.”

Franck confirmed he wasn’t involved but wished Attack Attack! the best.

There was also a brief moment when the scene thought Attila’s Chris “Fronz” Fronziak would be the band’s new vocalist because of a tweet from the AA! account in response to fast food chain Wendy’s. (Yeah, I can’t believe that’s a sentence I had to form, but I guess this is 2020.)

Fronz is definitely not the band’s new vocalist, and we’ll also remind you of the sexual assault allegations brought against him this year before we explain how this happened. Attack Attack! said they were not aware of the allegations when they made the Tweet.

The Attack Attack! account jokingly responded to Wendy’s question “who is even the band at this point” with “Idk, [Fronz] might have something to say here.”

The band later clarified they were joking and said, “Ok, ok, ok. [Fronz] isn't the singer. We just wanted to mess with [Wendy’s]. So, tell us whoever you guys hate the most and we'll just call that person. Our wiki is already a fucking disaster.”

In speculation on the new lineup, some fans have pointed out that the AA! Instagram account is following seven accounts including original members Andrew Wetzel and Andrew Whiting.


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