Real Friends vocalist Dan Lambton has left the band.

"I am no longer a part of Real Friends, " the singer shared via social media, followed by a full statement. Lambton cites that the decision was mutual and that he and the band were moving in different directions.

"For the sake of brevity, I'll get straight to the point, " the statement reads. "We have mutually decided that it is best for Real Friends to continue on without me. Over time, this band has changed, evolved, and reached a place where our paths are diverging, leading us to this collective conclusion."

See the full statement below:

The band also shared a statement about Lambton's departure that addresses the future of the band. "What the future holds, we aren't entirely sure of yet — but we are excited and optimistic," it reads. "At the same time, we also wish our brother and friend Dan the best."

Both acknowledge that Lambton will continue to make music with his project rationale., which also features Knuckle Puck's Joe Taylor, and stream on Twitch.

Dan Lambton has been a part of Real Friends since they began in 2010. Real Friends' latest release, Composure, was released in 2018 on Fearless Records.

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