The original version of Underoath's "Reinventing Your Exit" song has surfaced after over 15 years of fans wondering if it ever even existed. Listen below.

Before the band added Spencer Chamberlain as their screamer, they had written demos with founding member and original frontman Dallas Taylor for what was supposed to be the follow-up to The Changing of Times. According to Taylor, the album was written while he was still in the band, it was supposed to be called Dear Misery and they even had artwork done. Drummer Aaron Gillespie has denied they were ever going to call an album Dear Misery, so believe who you want.

Live videos of early, unreleased Underoath songs with Taylor have existed for years. "Heatherwood" was the original name for the track now known as "Reinventing Your Exit." They later changed it to "Look Past the Bright Lights" before deciding on the final title as we know it today with Chamberlain on vocals.

Another song that has been tossed around for years was the original version of "Down, Set, Go," which was called "Coryn's Defeat."

The recordings of early They're Only Chasing Safety songs with Taylor were considered lore to Underoath fans — until now. We finally have proof that they recorded at least one demo with Taylor in 2003 before they kicked him out. Enjoy.

If you're interested in where other ideas that were original intended for They're Only Chasing Safety, take a dive into Taylor's short-lived post-Underoath screamo band The New Tragic. The band released three songs, all of which take structures from Underoath tracks. Listen to a podcast episode on it here.

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