Are The Juliana Theory coming back?

The early-2000s emo-rock kingpins seem to be teasing a reunion for 2020, and they're using some lyrics from their fan-favorite Emotion Is Dead album to do the teasing. Check out the image the band shared on social media Sunday (Feb. 9) toward the bottom of this post.

In it, the question "Did You Really Think That It Was Over?" is posited in the same font and style as the artwork of that linchpin sophomore effort the Pennsylvania-based rockers released in the year 2000. The query itself is a line from that album's closing cut, "You Always Say Goodnight, Goodnight."

Alongside the graphic is a date: "2-11-2020." So it's safe to assume that an announcement from The Juliana Theory is coming Tuesday (Feb. 11). The group previously announced a performance at Birmingham, Alabama's Furnace Fest for this September. There, they'll be performing Emotion Is Dead in its entirety.

The Juliana Theory attempted an ill-fated reunion tour just a few years ago. In April 2017, the rockers announced a U.S. tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their inception, as Billboard reported. However, months later, the group revealed they were postponing the tour to focus on reuniting more earnestly.

"We felt inspired and saw a future that extends beyond nostalgia," the group said at the time. "We've decided to be a band again, and we are thrilled to announce that we have begun writing a new record. We've [decided] to postpone our [2017] tour so that this new music can be shared with all of you."

Since then, singer Brett Detar and guitarist Joshua Fielder have taken to performing acoustic Juliana Theory shows across the country. The full band earlier reunited in 2010 after first breaking up in 2006.

The Juliana Theory, "You Always Say Goodnight, Goodnight"

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