Did you know that Marvel star Simu Liu was in a Fall Out Boy video?

The star of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings paid his dues with smaller roles before landing his breakout movie. In fact, by doing his job, you likely never realized he was part of Fall Out Boy's "Centuries" clip.

Simu Liu Confirms He Was Part of Fall Out Boy's "Centuries" Video

How did the Simu Liu revelation come about? It appears as though video circulated of singer Patrick Stump discussing it and a Fall Out Boy fan revealing that it was news to them, only to have Liu later confirm it on the X platform.

After the fan questioned it, Liu confirmed that he was indeed a stunt double for Pete Wentz in the gladiator-themed video for "Centuries." But there was one significant issue that popped up for Liu on the day of filming, and we'll let him explain.

"100% true," remarked Liu. "I was cast as pete wentz's stunt double for the centuries music video on account of us having black hair. we get to set ofc and pete's just completely bleached his hair, so it's PLATINUM blonde. you can barely make out the back of my head in some of the shots lol."

Can you spot Simu in the video? By doing his job as a stand-in for Wentz, you likely never realized he was in the clip. It should be noted that another fan posted a photo taken of Liu and Wentz from the set in the X thread. See that photo as well as the "Centuries" video below.

Fall Out Boy, "Centuries"

Simu Liu's Other Music Video Work

Fall Out Boy wasn't the only act to benefit from Simu Liu's early acting efforts. He first appeared in Avicii and Nicky Romano's "I Could Be the One" video. A few years later, he scored a role in Dream Jefferson's "The Filth" video and most recently he appeared in DJ Snake featuring Rick Ross and Rich Brian's "Run It" clip.

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Avicii and Nicky Romano, "I Could Be the One"

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