Blink-182's Tom DeLonge recently fell victim to heat stroke while playing a show in Paraguay, but the musician gathered himself after a scary moment and was able to complete the show.

The band was playing at the Parque Olimpico in Luque, Paraguay Tuesday night (March 19) when the Blink-182 co-vocalist was struck down mid-song by heat stroke, exiting the stage to vomit while bandmates Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker were left to fill onstage as DeLonge composed himself and eventually returned to help finish out the show.

The group was playing "More Than You Know," the eleventh song in their set when DeLonge was felled.

What Tom DeLonge Said About Suffering Heat Stroke

After the show, DeLonge posted a photo of himself just prior to when the heat hit him the hardest.

"This was about 1 min before heat stroke hit," said the singer. "Fell to my knees, everything went blurry, then wobbled to the side of the stage and vomited for a bit. Super fun."

"@markhoppus and @travisbarker made up for the lost time," said the musician.

He continued, "Man, this was not something I’ve ever felt before. 95 Degrees at a 11pm on stage. But… I made it back and finished the show. Cause that’s what Navy Seals do…."

Mark Hoppus had noted in a separate comment that the band nearly stopped the show and that paramedics were ready to transport DeLonge to the hospital if needed. At the suggestion of Hoppus, the group performed "Man Overboard" to relieve some of the singer's strain.

The Show Must Go On

Not only did DeLonge return to the stage, but the band played an additional 16 more songs including a one song encore of "One More Time" before finishing out the night.

Blink-182 are currently in the midst of a run of shows in South America and Mexico that will wrap on April 6 in Mexico City on the fourth night of shows at Palacio de los Deportes.

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U.S. dates will follow from June through mid-August, with a U.K. run to finish out that month. Blink-182 tickets are on sale now.

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