Pop star Halsey has voiced an urgent desire to make a rock album sooner rather than later in a recent interview.

The aspiration should come as no surprise to listeners who've been following the "Without Me" performer's career arc. After all, Halsey's recent feature on a pop-punk number from Machine Gun Kelly and her trippy alternative explorations with Bring Me the Horizon speak to the songster's need to rock out.

So when will Halsey record a full album of rock music? That question was on the mind of Vogue contributor Ilana Kaplan during a recent (and rare) profile of the singer in the monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine.

The interview mainly consisted of talk surrounding Halsey's new book of poetry, I Would Leave Me if I Could. But around halfway through the chat, and with the Machine Gun Kelly and Bring Me the Horizon collaborations on her mind, Kaplan asked the performer if she'd ever be keen to drop a punk rock LP.

"I do really want to, but it needs to come naturally," Halsey responded.

"I've never sat down before and been like, 'Okay, I want to make this type of album,'" she continued. "The album kind of makes itself. When that time comes, it'll happen on its own. I definitely need to do it eventually though, because I'm starting to age out of being angsty and punk."

For what it's worth, anyone who's heard Halsey's verse on MGK's high-powered but lovelorn "Forget Me Too" has a rough idea of the type of rock-fueled belting Halsey can manifest when she so desires. Now imagine an album full of that type of energy from the talented 26-year-old celebrity.

If we're lucky, a rock album from Halsey could be just around the corner.

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