Halsey is launching an emo revival makeup line.

In an interview with Byrdie, the alt-pop star detailed how her new brand –– dubbed "About-Face" –– is "very Myspace scene queen, very emo revival" and is aimed at "the outcasts, the rebels, the “blue eyeliner kid in a school full of Hollister and Abercrombie Fitch kids."

The range launches as a direct-to-consumer product Jan. 25, with pre-orders available via AboutFace.com. A subsequent drop is scheduled for Valentine's Day.

The announcement of Halsey's new makeup line comes after My Chemical Romance recently launched their own makeup via beauty brand HipDot. The Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge-inspired range sold out instantly, leaving many Killjoys gutted.

Speaking about the inspirations behind About-Face, Halsey told Byrdie that “makeup has always been something I've just been naturally drawn to because I'm very dextrous with a brush and I know a lot about color.”

“I feel like I never really see makeup anymore that's about being fucked up and dirty and grungy and just wrong, and so much makeup used to be about that,” she continued, before explaining how About Face is "something for the generation of e-girls and e-boys out there.

"“I’m watching you. I would have been friends with all of you 10 years ago. I love you.”

Furthermore, Halsey highlighted how safety was of paramount importance when she was creating the formulas for her brand.

“I have an autoimmune illness, so I'm very sensitive to what goes on my face,” she said. “And a lot of my audience, they're really young, and I just don't want anyone putting stuff on their face that's going to hurt them down the line.”

The Byrdie interview further detailed how all of Halsey's products "leave out parabens, gluten and synthetic fragrances to decrease chances of irritation, and are all vegan and cruelty-free."

Halsey's most recent musical release, the Manic... Or are You Normal? EP, came out last year following the release of her full-length Manic. She also recently featured on the Machine Gun Kelly track "Forget Me Too," part of the pop-punk-rapper's latest LP Tickets to My Downfall.

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