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[Photo via: YouTube/"Blue Morning"][/caption]There remains to be little hope in the world, however, Greeley Estates fans may have something to ponder and look forward to in the future. In a tweet making our readers choose one band to "bring back from the dead," we summoned their former bassist, Telle Smith (current The Word Alive) to spill a few beans about the potential for new Greeley Estates music.

In a reply to the thread, Smith says he and the rest of the band have discussed the possibility of writing music again.

"We have a group chat and talk about making music again from time to time," Smith says. "But honestly everybody is so busy with families and work it will be hard to make happen."

While the the potential for new music seems low right now, Smith added another sliver of hope; this time in the form of a small-scale live reunion. In the tweet, Smith says he would love to relive the 2008 lineup of that year's Go West Young Man, Let The Evil Go East. While he says, "touring days are definitely gone," he does leave a little wiggle room for potential one-off shows in Phoenix or Southern CA, should the timing work itself out.

Additionally, in the same thread, Smith clears up his former feud with Greeley Estates. After Smith left the band in late 2008 to join The Word Alive, Greeley Estates unleashed their diss track toward the former bassist called, "Friends Are Friends For Never" featured on No Rain, No Rainbow.

The Word Alive then counteracted with a song titled, "Consider It Mutual" on their album, Deceiver, which came out the summer of 2010. The lines, "If friends are friends for never, you were never a friend at all," made it very apparent that Smith heard the message loud and clear.

However, since almost an entire decade has passed, the two bands have since resolved their differences, with Smith citing miscommunication and being young as the kindling that set the feud afire.

If Greeley Estates do release new music in the future, it would be the first time since their 2017 EP Calling All the Hopeless. The band have not put out a full LP since 2013's Devil Son.

While Greeley Estates will probably take a back seat for quite some time, The Word Alive just released their latest album M0N0MANIA in February.

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