Armor For Sleep just re-released What To Do When You’re Dead with new songs and demos.

A 15th anniversary edition of the album recently appeared on Spotify, featuring five new tracks alongside six demos. The new version of What To Do When You're Dead was made available on vinyl earlier in the year via Equal Vision Records.

Check out the album below:

Originally released in 2005, What To Do When You’re Dead reached No. 101 on the Billboard 200, going on to sell more than 200,000 units.

Armor For Sleep were due to play a 15-year anniversary tour for What To Do When You're Dead this year, but this was postponed until 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Commenting on the postponement, frontman Ben Jorgensen said the following:

"Man, these are rough times indeed. First and foremost, this entire situation sucks (on a Universal level). I'm thinking of all the people out there who have been affected by this disease and/or who have had family members come down with it. Adjusting to this strange place we are all in is hard enough for everyone who is healthy, I can't imagine also having to deal with being sick or having a family member who is sick. In terms of our shows, I'm extremely bummed we have to postpone the dates. We hadn't played together in a while and we were all really looking forward to getting this thing going again.

"But playing concerts in the near future is not really within the realm of possibility right now, and the last thing I/we would want is for people to feel unsafe at our shows or worse, for there to be the possibility of someone getting sick. So pushing the dates back makes sense. And now I have something really awesome to look forward to on the other side of this. Truly can't wait until we can play these shows and see all of you again. We'll announce more info ASAP."

The Armor For Sleep tour is now scheduled to take place across July and August of 2021.

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