Architects vocalist Sam Carter has denounced metalcore's ubiquitous "blegh" vocalization that he helped coin. For those unfamiliar with the British metal group's judicious use of the burly utterance over the years, look no further than the fan-made video down toward the bottom of this post.

It's in that clip where YouTuber Nick Trunov goes through every Architects "blegh" in just over a minute. By the end, he tallies 18 of the menacing sounds among the band's discography. Now, however, it seems that Carter wishes he never voiced a "blegh" in the first place, going by the musician's recent tweets.

Late last month, metalcore-scene-based clothing site shared a Twitter meme that drew attention to Architects' signature throat articulations. But Carter was having none of the "blegh"-based humor on the Internet. "I hate this. Stop posting it on everything," he responded.

From there, Bring Me the Horizon's Jordan Fish swooped in with a positive affirmation of the "blegh" meme — a Gordon Ramsay GIF of the celebrity chef saying, "I actually quite like it." But Carter doubled down on his newfound hatred of the unmistakable metalcore growl. (See the exchange below.)

"Honestly I wish I'd never made that stupid noise," the Architects vocalist explained. A few days later, when a fan asked Carter if his condemnation confirmed a "RIP [to] the blegh," the musician replied, "100%."

But it may be too late to stop the "blegh" overall. As evidenced in a Reddit thread outlining the best "blegh" sounds in metalcore, acts such as Wage War, Like Moths to Flames, Black Tongue and In Hearts Wake are just a few of those mentioned who've employed the expressive grunt on record.

To wit, a Bring Me The Horizon member's endorsement of the snort that Architects helped evolve should come as no surprise to those knee-deep in scene news. After all, Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke recently claimed that Bring Me the Horizon's early efforts ripped off Architects' sound.

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