The Wonder Years have premiered a new song that's a throwback to the band's early sound.

"Brakeless" is the name of the new track, which they debuted on Philadelphia radio station Alt 104.5 last night (Oct. 18).

The song isn't on streaming platforms yet, but it has emerged on Twitter. Have a listen below:

Sounds dope, right?

Speaking about "Brakeless," the Wonder Years took to Instagram to say the following:

"You did it! @headcountorg let us know that y’all surpassed 1000 voter registration actions and a deal is a deal so we just submit a new song, that we recorded over the summer, called Brakeless to come out this upcoming Friday on all streaming platforms. But wait! There’s more! Because we are so excited about crossing the finish line on this and because we want one more chance to talk to PA voters before the registration deadline, we’re going to be world premiering the song on @alt1045philly tomorrow at 9 pm EST. If you’re local, you can tune in on your FM dial. If not, you can listen online at the link in bio."

Earlier this year, the Wonder Years released Burst & Decay (Volume II), which included a new version of their classic song "Washington Square Park."

Speaking about the release of Burst & Decay (Volume II), the band said the following:

“First, right now, you can hear the version of Washington Square Park that appears on Burst & Decay (Vol. II). WSP was the first song we released from The Upsides. It was the song that started the groundswell and so it feels appropriate to release this new look at the song on the 10th anniversary. This is our consensus favourite song on the EP. We had such a fun time figuring out a new lens to view it through. The challenge with any of these is how to subvert expectation while still remaining true to what made the song resonate in the first place. With the help of Ace and Nik at Lumberyard, we think we did just that and we hope you love it."

The Wonder Years' last album-proper, Sister Cities, dropped in 2018, peaking at number 18 on the Billboard 200.

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