Remember the pioneers of the electronic-meets-screamo frontier back in the heyday of scene music? Of course you do, but what ever happened to Breathe Carolina? They were only getting started. 

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The duo from Denver, Colorado, was founded by David Schmitt and Kyle Even, when they started messing around on GarageBand back in 2007 (and reportedly cut their first record, It's Classy, Not Classic, that way). They weren't your typical angsty hardcore band — because you could actually dance to their songs, and we scene kids dug it.

These guys used to play a small summer music festival in my Denver 'burb hometown in the early days, and then they started to really pick up some traction. Thanks, MySpace and Warped Tour!

In 2009, they released their first studio album, Hello Fascination, which was a total banger of a record. The title track was used in TV promos, and you could hear it on MTV shows, like The Hills and The City. In 2011, Breathe Carolina dropped Hell Is What You Make It, and the track "Blackout" landed them on Jimmy Kimmel.

In a 2013 article from AltPress, Schmitt announced that Even had left the band to focus on fatherhood. However, Breathe Carolina is actually still around despite Even's departure. Well, there's less screaming now.

Schmitt is joined by Tommy Cooperman, and Breathe Carolina is more electronic/dance DJ stuff, less hardcore. '

The energy that we put into playing a full EDM show is still very punk rock...With that, it’s all about bridging that gap. It’s letting people know that they can still come and see Breathe Carolina in a nightclub and it will still feel punk rock,' Schmitt told Rock Sound.

Here's what the emo boys in BC sound like these days.

Let's face it, the scene collapsed, but Breathe Carolina found a way out. That should be celebrated, not looked down upon. They took their sound, evolved it and put it on a bigger stage than they had before. Not to mention they signed to Spinnin' Records, which is arguably the largest EDM label in the world.

And this goes without saying, but they've dropped some bangers since they left the scene.

Like this emo-EDM bop "Up All Night."

And this anthem "Anywhere But Here."

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