Raven, The Acid Bath Princess of the Darkness who stormed the internet in the late noughties has revealed what she looks like now, as well as detailing how people were trolled by her iconic emo videos.

Raven –– real name Sarah –– released a series of videos a decade ago based on emo / mall goth culture alongside her friend Tara. Looking back, it's clear to see their escapades were satirical in nature, but the girls took a lot of flack for their videos, and Sarah has now come forward to reveal her identity after people began to link the videos to her professional work as a dominatrix.

Speaking to Vulture about her past life as Raven and why she decided to make the videos in the first place, Sarah reveals that it was her embarrassment at being an emo, as well as her desire to be a comedian, that sparked the venture.

"I wanted to have a career that involved comedy and/or comedy writing for a while," she said. "I had fallen in love with improv when I was, like, in seventh grade, I think. And even if it was never my main focus at the time, it was still something that was incredibly important to me.

"After I came out of my emo stage, I was kind of embarrassed by it," she continued. "I thought that a lot of the things that I liked had been cringy. Because when I was 12, 14, 15, I never thought I was emo. I wanted to be goth, basically. The biggest differentiator in my mind was that emos were more emotional, and I saw that as a weakness. But, in hindsight, I was totally emo, and now I’m a grown-up emo, you know? Who cares.

"So I wanted to be a comedian, wanted to troll people, and was hoping these videos would pick up steam or whatever. This was in 2007, and I think a lot of people kind of forgot that emo kids were everyone’s punchline back then."

See what Sarah looks like now below:

Photo of Raven Acid Bath Princess of Darkness Now

Raven Acid Bath Queen Now

Moreover, Sarah ends the interview in emo-tastic fashion by speculating as to what Raven is up to in 2021.

"I know for a fact she was really fucking excited when My Chemical Romance got back together, and she was very, very upset whenever COVID made them cancel their 2020 tour.  I have a feeling that she probably didn’t get tickets in time for the one show they did in 2019. I think that the most realistic ending of this story is that she turned into someone in their early 30s who looks back fondly on that time period. She probably has a kid and is doing that whole cool-mom thing. Like, 'I’m going to share music with my kids, and I’m going to still wear black, but at the same time, I have a much different life now.'"

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