Oceano vocalist Adam Warren has put Chelsea Grin's Tom Barber on blast in the latest beef to emerge between deathcore bands.

On social media, Warren expressed anger with what he views as the musician's insincere stance on social justice and late arrival to addressing topical subjects that have long been covered by other deathcore acts.

The Oceano member's missive unfurled last week via Instagram; Twitter account Emo Song Vids captured the clips. Seemingly posted in response to the lyrics of Chelsea Grin's most recent song, "Bleeding Sun," Warren explained his dampened perception of Barber, who's fronted Chelsea Grin since 2018.

"I love me some Chelsea Grin," the Oceano vocalist says as he watches Chelsea Grin's latest music video. "I filled in for the band; I love every single member of that band. But I'm not gonna sit here and let fuckin' Tom Barber tell me about some woke shit that Molotov Solution, all the other hardcore bands have been telling us for fuckin' years."

Warren continues, "This motherfucker wants to come out here and act like he's the most woke motherfucker in the world — the person who's the last person to even say some shit about what's happening in the world. The last person to even act like he's been at a single protest or push people to wear masks. I'm not fucking with that. Fuck that shit. Chelsea Grin, I love you [but] get rid of fuckin' Tom. I'm sick of hearing his fuckin' high-horse shit. Fuck that."

The Oceano member's response came after Barber — who once provided vocals for Lorna Shore — has, according to some fans, mounted an opaque posture on social issues in the past. Meanwhile, Chelsea Grin's "Bleeding Sun" contains lyrics such as, "We must vanquish our hatred / Put aside our pride / Value not only the people / All cherish their life."

Warren adds, "Just [to] close with, if Tom didn't write that song, thank fucking God. But nonetheless, I don't want him giving me that message 'cause he is not the right person to [be] giving that message based on shit that he's been spewing in the past couple [of] months."

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