Kanye West has hinted at a collaboration with the Mars Volta on Twitter.

Does this mean a musical partnership between the superstar rapper and the onetime prog rock band is in the making? Or has it, in fact, already been made? On Wednesday (July 22), West indicated that an album featuring himself and the At the Drive-In offshoot was in progress but at an unfinished stage.

"The Mars Volta we need to finish the album," the rapper tweeted. The surprising request sat alongside a minute-and-a-half-long video in which the Cedric Bixler-Zavala-led group's 2005 single "The Widow" can be heard.

However, it wasn't the Mars Volta's official music video for the Frances the Mute track that West paired with his perplexing online appeal. Not in the slightest. Somewhat strangely, the onscreen visual included in the rapper's message seems to be a replay of the 1964 Summer Olympics men's marathon.

The vintage-looking clip shows Hungarian long-distance runner Jozsef Suto finishing fifth in a race, followed closely by American marathoner Leonard "Buddy" Edelen. Aurele Vandendriessche comes in at seventh. The placings and times all line up with the men's marathon held at the XVIII Olympiad in Tokyo.

West has been on quite the Twitter tear of late. He's spent the past few days eking info and probable track listings for his upcoming tenth solo album — recently called Donda, now seemingly titled Donda: With Child. The activity surrounded a frenzied presidential bid from the rapper.

The Mars Volta broke up in 2012 after releasing six albums in 11 years.


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