While the world has been losing its collective mind over the coronavirus outbreak and stocking up on plentiful supplies of toilet paper, rapper Lil Nas X has been taking a more emo approach to the apocalypse.

Yesterday (Mar. 16), he shared a meme featuring the house from the artwork of emo heroes American Football's 1999 and 2016 self-titled albums, accompanied by some dance-pop music ("Caramelldansen" by Caramel, if you're interested) and the image of a splayed out Spongebob Squarepants. Lil Nas X captioned the tweet "spending my birthday alone in quarantine and that's ok."

Check it out below.

Both the legendary band and its frontman Mike Kinsella responded to the tweet wishing the rapper a happy birthday.

Lil Nas' more lighthearted take on the pandemic comes as the scene reels from the effects of the virus. Crown the Empire's guitarist Brandon Hoover has revealed he's tested positive, while blink-182's Mark Hoppus is in self-isolation with his family. The vast majority of upcoming tours have been canceled too, including shows from the likes of My Chemical Romance and I Prevail.

The impact of coronavirus on the scene is the subject of this week's Note to Scene podcast. Listen here.

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