Framing Hanley are primed for a comeback with a new album, Envy, due out later this month. The Nashville-based post-hardcore act hasn't released a studio effort since 2014's The Sum of Who We Are.

But the emo-indebted band is best known for its 2008 rendition of rapper Lil Wayne's suggestive hit "Lollipop."

That unlikely cover song's success opened doors for Framing Hanley over a decade ago, as Billboard reported at the time. After the tune became a rock radio smash and landed at No. 82 on the Hot 100, the single was certified Gold in the U.S. (It appeared as a bonus track on the group's debut album, The Moment.)

But now the band is all but restarting its music career with Envy, an album that lead singer Kenneth Nixon says represents the best of what Framing Hanley has to offer listeners in the current era.

"If you would have asked me when we started back in 2007, 'What do you envision as your sound 12 years from now?' I certainly wouldn't have predicted this," the musician shares in a press release. "But holy hell am I excited about the evolution in this band's music."

Nixon continues, "We spent three years working on this album, and it is undoubtedly the very best of Framing Hanley from start to finish. We needed a break in 2015 — but we're back now, and we're firing on all cylinders."

Keen-eared Framing Hanley fans have already gotten a taste of what the new album has in store. Recently issued singles "Puzzle Pieces," "Baggage Claim" and "Throwing Knives" are sprinkled among the album's tracklisting. See that, as well as the album's cover art, below.

Envy arrives Feb. 21 via Thermal Entertainment. Pre-order it here.

Framing Hanley, Envy Album Art

Thermal Entertainment
Thermal Entertainment

Framing Hanley, Envy Tracklist

1. "Say You Ever"
2. "Bubbles"
3. "Puzzle Pieces"
4. "Maeve"
5. "Misery"
6. "Carousel"
7. "The Way Down"
8. "Throwing Knives"
9. "Counterfeit"
10. "Forgiveness Is an Art"
11. "Baggage Claim"
12. "Joke's on You"

Framing Hanley, "Lollipop" (Video)

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