The Fall of Troy have released their comeback album Mukiltearth today (Aug 7) .

The 10-track LP features re-recordings of some of the first songs the band wrote (when the trio were known as the 30 Years War), as well as four brand-new tunes. Check it out below:

The title of Mukiltearth is a tribute to the Fall of Troy's hometown of Mukilteo, Washington. Last month, the band released the single "We Are the Future," which was their first new song in four years. You can check out our initial report on the track, which we said was "characterized by techy guitars and a desolate take on the post-hardcore sound the band have made their name on," here.

Speaking to Alt Press, drummer Andrew Forsman recently described "We Are the Future" as a song that shows the band "realizing the strength from our trials and using that to do better for ourselves and those around us."

"This was the last song I recorded [for the album]," he said. "I thought we should have two distinct parts. The first half is me trying to focus on a vibe. For the second half of the song, I wanted to have a part like the second part in the Mars Volta’s 'Cassandra Gemini' where [drummer] Jon Theodore is just flying on the hi-hat. If I got any amount of that vibe, I am happy with it."

Describing Mukiltearth as a whole, Forsman further explained how he considers the LP to be "an exercise in past and present and nostalgia and reality."

The Fall of Troy's last album, OK, was self-released by the band in 2016. Prior to their 2010 split, the trio released four full-length records, hitting their commercial peak with the song "F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.," which dropped in 2005 and has since amassed close to 20,000,000 streams on Spotify.

If you're feeling nostalgic for some post-hardcore excellence, you can order physical copies of Mukiltearth here.

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