Are Cartel making a comeback?

The Georgia-based pop-punkers appear to be up to something after updating their official Facebook profile photo Tuesday (Feb. 11). The same logotype appears at the Will Pugh-led band's Twitter outpost. Could the renewed online activity possibly mean that Cartel will announce a new album soon?

After all, it's been seven years since the group released their last studio album, 2013's Collider. Before that, Cartel came to national prominence in 2007 when they appeared on MTV's Band in a Bubble.

On the reality TV show, the outfit was part of an experiment where they had to write and record a full album in 20 days. And they had to do it all within the confines of a giant glass bubble located in New York's Hudson River Park. The resulting album was the band's self-titled second album, released that year.

More recently, Cartel have been performing occasional live shows while its members dabble in related areas. Fans likely sensed something was stirring when earlier this month (Feb. 1), the group revealed that frontman Pugh was working with the band Goalkeeper on that act's upcoming EP.

But simply refreshing the band's Facebook was enough to get listeners excited this week. "The amount of tears I will cry if this means new music or a tour or both," wrote one user. "All you did was update your profile picture," said another before adding that it "[made] all of us stop in our tracks and speculate."

So, is the scene ready for the return of Cartel?

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