Beartooth played their first-ever drive-in concert over the weekend, on Oct. 9 in Oshkosh, Wis., and Note to Scene collected some photos of what the show area looked like during the event.

Not only that, but the Caleb Shomo-led act even debuted a new song during the unique performance that saw concertgoers attend in their vehicles. It's just one of the ways that performers are going ahead with concerts now that more traditional in-person gatherings are limited due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Down toward the bottom of this post, see a couple of images from the show and watch a fan-captured video of Beartooth's new song, "Fed Up."

The Beartooth Drive-In Concert represented quite a different world for live concerts in 2020, especially in comparison to what goes down the usual rock gig.

First announced last month, attending the Beartooth event came with a specific set of rules. Those included various safety precautions for showgoers to abide (including the wearing of face covering), and even set recommendations for the types of cars that would be allowed.

Shomo was amped ahead of the performance, saying, "I can't wait to play this show. I know it's been a crazy time and live music has been nearly impossible, so to have a chance to play to people in a safe way is an amazing feeling. We're gonna bring all the heat we physically can. The rock will never be stopped."

It appears to have gone off without a hitch. As the group relayed in a statement shortly after the concert concluded, attendees did their part in "keeping live music alive" by following the guidelines and safely rocking out.

"Many of us turned to live music as a form of release," Beartooth said.

"For obvious reasons, that outlet has been challenging to attain, making it all the more difficult to feel that release again. Tonight, that changed. We took the proper precautions to make this happen and you listened."

Beartooth, "Fed Up" - Live at Wisconsin Drive-In Concert (Oct. 9, 2020)

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