AFI has released two new songs: "Twisted Tongues" and "Escape from Los Angeles."

The new tracks are the first taste of new material from the band since 2018 EP The Missing Man. A new album is due to be announced soon.

Check out "Twisted Tongues" and "Escape from Los Angeles" below.

Speaking about the songs, vocalist Davey Havok said the following:

“As I recall, 'Twisted Tongues' came of the Blood era and was the first piece of music we explored on the new album. The dreaminess of the music lyrically inspired themes of unforeseen severance. It is a pining song of being set adrift by those who once feigned to share the same anchors.

“Los Angeles, like most of my loves, is imbued with a darkness and radiance," Havok continues. "Musically, 'Escape from Los Angeles' called for my own vantage to this classic theme of the city's dichotomous allure."

AFI were the subject of a recent Note to Scene podcast unpacking the story around the band's classic 2006 LP Decemberunderground –– listen to that here.

"Twisted Tongues"

"Escape from Los Angeles"

AFI "Twisted Tongues" Lyrics:

We watched the world turn itself backward. 
Now, in reverse, you spit out big words over a low sun, undo the undone.
You talk in twisted tongues of an absolving curse.
You talk in twisted tongues.
I whisper in reverse.
You tore us out.
We turned it inward.
Upon my mouth you spat your big words, over a low sun.
Undo the undone.
You ask the moon and stars because there’s no one else.
You ask the moon and stars.
I whisper to myself.

AFI "Escape from Los Angeles" Lyrics:

Ride the black cloud, over the west coast, I fell from like Morning Son.
You were breathing black clouds laced with the west coast.
You got high enough to try to find your way out to and out of Los Angeles.
You came to find reigns under the west coast, after hours, in heavy showers of play, under red waves hoping you might choke.
As you knew, well you must hurt to find your way out to and out of Los Angeles.
They must not hear what you are about to say or we may never get away.
Come close.
Whisper, if you are about to say “I’ve gotta get out of L.A."

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