Juice Wrld was on his way to being a superstar, and he was taking our world with him. He grew up in hip-hop, but also had a foot in emo. His favorite album of all time was Escape the Fate's Dying Is Your Latest Fashion; he told GQ that if he could work with any artist in the world, he'd choose Buddy from Senses Fail; he knew all the words to Neck Deep's "A Part of Me." This list goes on, but the fact remains that he was taking emo and giving it new life.

This week on Note To Scene, Tyler unpacks Juice's career, the fifth wave of emo and how Juice was just getting started with Legends Never Die, which ended up being his first posthumous album.

Also on this episode we discuss news from a From First to Last and Soundcloud rap supergroup, Fall Out Boy and Craig Owens appearing on a new song together and a new Fit For a King song.

From First to Last guitarist Travis Richter formed a new band called If I Die First with multiple Soundcloud rappers and they just dropped their debut debut EP. If you miss 2004, you're in for a treat.

100 Gecs released a remix of their song "Hand Crushed By a Mallet" with Fall Out Boy and Craig Owens. Apparently nobody remembers 2011, because this is the first time Pete Wentz and Owens have publicly crossed paths since Craig apparantly slept with Ashlee Simpson, who, at the time, was Pete's wife.

And finally, Fit For a King have a new song, but it's not great.

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