Remember when Paramore's Hayley Williams interviewed Twilight star Robert Pattinson?

Back in 2008, as part of the promotion for the original Twilight movie, Williams and Pattinson sat down for a endearingly awkward chat as part of MySpace's Artist On Artist series.

At the time, Paramore had just released "Decode," which was recorded for Twilight and promoted as the soundtrack's lead single.

During the interview, when Pattinson asks Williams about how the song came together, the Paramore vocalist said the following:

“We wrote the song and Josh had this really cool music and I thought it fit the vibe and the tone of the story. [We] just kind of chased after it. We were knocking on doors when we could. We got lucky. I didn’t think it would work.”

Additionally, Pattinson devotes much of the interview to playfully mocking Williams' infamous pronunciation of the word "here" in "Decode."

Check out the full interview below:

At times, the video almost plays out like the viewer is watching an awkward first date, so much so that many of the comments on the Williams-Pattinson Artist On Artist feature are devoted to the prospect of a romance between the two.

Comments such as "This video is still a better love story than Twilight," "I feel like I'm third wheeling" and "Is it too late to ship them?" are pretty indicative of the atmosphere the two stars create.

Sadly, for those who were wishing for a romance between Williams and Pattinson, the two didn't strike up a romantic relationship. At the time, Williams was in a relationship with her now ex-husband, New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert. Pattinson, meanwhile, became romantically linked to his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart just months later. The two eventually split in 2013.

Robert Pattinson has been back in headlines recently after he tested positive for Covid-19 whilst filming for his upcoming movie, The Batman.

Hayley Williams released her debut solo album, Petals for Armor, earlier this year.

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