Green Day were once asked to accompany blink-182 on a package tour, but the Billie Joe Armstrong-led rockers turned the pop-punk band down. That's what blink-182's Mark Hoppus revealed recently.

Of course, longtime fans remember the two acts teaming up for 2002's Pop Disaster Tour. But it was another installment of Pop Disaster proposed by blink's camp that Green Day nixed before it could transpire.

Hoppus revealed the previously undisclosed story during a recent Twitch stream. The musician's tale of the thwarted tour — the Pop Disaster that wasn't meant to be — was saved by a viewer for posterity.

See the screenshot (via Reddit) down toward the bottom of this post.

"I'll blow all your minds rn," Hoppus relayed. "We asked Green Day to do Pop Disaster 2 and they said no."

As for when such a trek would've hypothetically taken place, the blink-182 bassist added, "We asked them maybe two years ago?"

The original Pop Disaster Tour took place across the United States (with a sole date in Canada) in summer 2002. Support acts included Jimmy Eat World, Kut U Up and Saves the Day. During the run of 47 concerts, blink-182 — then near the peak of their popularity — headlined the show over Green Day.

Green Day still has another package tour to look forward to, however. The "American Idiot" songsters will join forces with Fall Out Boy and Weezer when the Hella Mega Tour takes over Europe and the U.S. in June, July and August 2021. (It was rescheduled from this summer to next due to the coronavirus.)

Mark Hoppus from blink-182 said this on twitch. Makes me really sad, would love to see it. from r/greenday

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